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// Rapid prototypes and minimum 
// viable products.
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Game of Gifs

Picnic was a charades game where players competed for points by matching captions to gif reactions. The app featured a looping gif camera, addictive game mechanic and rich social features.

Picnic was an ambitious, multi-year passion project. The project was mentioned in The New York Times and Wired, and had a brief cultural moment when Rebecca Black plugged the game on Instagram.

Picnic cultivated a passionate userbase that posted hundreds of thousands of gifs and guesses. Unfortunately it never achieved mainstream success and was pulled from the AppStore in 2016.

Picnic App


Good in Your Neighborhood

Favor connects neighbors for acts of kindness and community service.

I helped polish up the MVP, which included development of a new visual identity, simplification of the interface and development of two custom controls. I'm particularly happy with the radius selection interface. Completed 2015.

Cassidy is smart, fun and friendly. And you see it in his work. He gives products that special shine that separate the good from the great. Alex Moller - Founder, Favor
Favor App


Podcast Player

Playerone is a podcast player that introduces new features for content navigation, annotations, supplementary visual content, user engagement and interactive advertisements. This prototype demonstrates solutions to many of the listening-experience issues that are discussed in the industry. Playerone was featured at This American Life's Audiohack 2015.

Get in touch if you'd like to talk about the podcasting space. Completed 2015.

Playerone App

A medical charting app for doctors. These Y Combinator Fellows have developed a new paradigm in clinical documentation centered around a data-driven predictive text editor.

I helped transform the founding team's product vision into a minimum viable product. My work included refinement of the feature set, organization of the interface, development of novel interactions and overall visual design. Completed 2015.


Web relaunch for Centerra Capital, a financial advisory company and investment bank. I managed the entire project, including strategy, design, development and creation of all content. Completed 2015.

Cassidy helped us discover and refine our brand vision. He quickly came up to speed on our complex industry and succeeded in telling the story of our company. We're happy because people finally understand what we do. Seana Day Hull - Managing Director, Centerra Capital

Marketing, design and product consulting for Fellow, makers of the Duo Coffee Steeper. Completed 2015.

Cassidy is a brilliant product guy who understands the importance of both the details and the big picture. He is in the top 3% of people I have ever worked with. I don't have enough good things to say about this dude. Jake Miller - Founder, Fellow

Comprehensive web and print marketing refresh for Datapath, a leading IT services company. Scope included strategy, design, content development. Completed 2014.

I vouch for Cassidy and his team. He gets the strategy right and nails the execution. I'd trust him to build anything. David Darmstandler - CEO, Datapath



Managed design and development of Lightstrap, a photographic ring-light for iPhone. Responsibilities included product conceptualization, industrial design, interface design and management of a four-person product development team. Completed 2013.